Horsemanship Clinic

& Retreat

with Kelli Paulson

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Do you want to be more confident, improve your partnership with your horse, have less fear, or be a better leader?

This retreat will give you time with your horse, time to relax, and time to hang out with other horsewomen.

Join Kelli for 3 1/2 days of learning, riding, fun, & understanding at a new level.

--- FAVORITE ---

Trail Obstacles

We will use trail obstacle to improve your horsemanship!

What you'll learn:

How trail obstacles increase confidence and try.

To ask clearly with correct cues to increase responsiveness.

Exercises to add finesse and increase scores.

Horsemanship Clinic

Learn the 6 Fundamental Skills to Build a Solid Foundation and how to apply them to trail obstacles.

In-Hand and Riding.

What you'll learn:

First, we will do the skill on the ground.

Second, we will do the skill in the saddle.

Learn exercisesto build on the basics making horsemanship easy to understand.


Trail Riding, Fun, Food & Friends

Camp begins Sunday evening. Come and get settled. We will have dinner about 7:00pm, answer questions, discuss goals, and go over the schedule. This time is optional. If you can't join us until Monday am that is ok.

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday - We will have optional devotions at 7:30 am, breakfast at 8:00 am, and meet in the covered arena for horse activities at 9:00am. Expect about 3 hours of more concentrated clinic type work each day plus plenty of additional horse learning + fun activities and trail riding. The camp is quiet during the week so we have use of the covered arena, outdoor arena, trail course, and trails. We can even work on trail riding issues as they arise.

Thursday AM - is optional. We will us this time to review, answer questions, and make plans for your next steps so you know what to practice when you go home.

Each person will also receive two individual "15-minute power lessons" with Kelli.

The group is limited to 8 riders.

Early bird registration is open until 2/28/23.

What is included:

Clinic instruction and horse activities with Kelli

Meals, water, coffee & tea.

Clinic T-Shirt

Pre Camp Zoom Call (After registration you will be taken to Kelli's online learning area with more details).

You will need to:

Reserve and pay for your trail hook-up or cabin, and horse stall.

Bring any extra refreshments you desire.

Bring feed for your horse.

Come ready to learn and have fun!

Sign up today!

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